WPC – A Face in the crowd

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – is a face in the crowd, and while I have some crowd shots below, I thought I would share this special one from this morning.

Today’s feature image is a smartphone snap, this is taken inside the Victorian Police Academy Chapel, where I got to watch the daughter of a dear friend graduate and on parade at completing her PSO training. Obviously, I cannot show all their faces for privacy reasons, so I took a snap of the chapel, just above their heads to show you.


The rest is just general crowd shots, that have no one in them I know, they serve as memories of being at a certain place and a moment in time. The top one and the rest of the images I cannot show will serve as mementos to a momentous occasion in this young woman’s life. She has been in my life a long time, and I wish her well in her new position. This is a piece of art we created together; still no face to show – alas it is all part of the package now. This was created just after she decided to join the Force, so symbolic for both of us in a way.


Releasing my Creativity
Releasing my Creativity

I hope you all have an amazing weekend…

~ Julz