Monday Musings

Another fabulous week; glitz, glamour, honour, pride & suffering. I’ll start with the pain first and get that out of the way. Miss Chloe had minor surgery to remove a growth on her bottom and she also had some teeth removed…poor little might is in discomfort both ends. However, she is doing fine and well on the way to a full recovery. The joys of age I suppose, she will be turning 12 this year. 😦

28055747_2106464599370414_8338999483405265754_nInto the good stuff – On Thursday evening my friend Sue and I attended a performance of Priscilla Queen on the Desert, the stage musical. What a wonderful night full of glitz, glamour, the frocks, the staging and the laughs…so, so wonderful. Apart from this image when we first arrived I took no photos, I was there to totally enjoy and immerse myself, and I did.

I also spent the week cleaning up the rest of the studio, painting new backdrops, you will see them soon. We also took the drone out for her (or is that his?) Maiden Voyage, all good, no mishaps, no fantastic footage either…we just went to the local park and took off and landed and flew around a bit, took some photos and footage and realised it was set to low-quality jpeg, will fix that before next weekend’s trip away. Actually, that is not entirely true…while there were no mishaps on its maiden voyage, Hubby thought it would be funny to fly it in the house later that evening, to chase the dogs and cats, it got caught in a downdraft from the AC vent and into a spiral dive into the fridge. Drone OK mostly (camera got knocked out of position, but now fixed – I think), fridge a bit scratched up, animals…not impressed and neither was I! This is WHY you do NOT fly drones inside 😛 Honestly I love that man, but he will never grow up (maybe that’s what I love about him, his sense of fun and adventure).

Saturday I had not one but two photo shoots and they could not have been any different from each other. One a Japanese style Geisha/ Fox Spirit and the other a glamour Maternity shoot. Thanks to Melbourne’s roadworks and Public Transportation upgrades, everything is a mess (why do both at the same time?), my poor model was nearly 3 hours late, but we made good time in creating the shoot. Typically, my Mum to be, her water broke and she ended up in labour…I do not have a very good track record with maternity shoots, so many of my Mum’s go into early labour. Maybe I should hire myself out that way. Want to go into early labour? Why just book a shoot with me! hahaha. I guess now she owes me a newborn shoot hehehehe. Teena had a baby Boy yesterday, all is well.  More Geisha/Fox Spirit pics soon, but here is a teaser.

Sneak Peek_SC

Sunday was supposed to be a day trip out, as I think we have both been going a bit stir crazy and have not been out exploring for ages. We have had this run of being so lazy of late and we ended up sleeping in, missing the meet and just spent the day pottering at home. I also spent the afternoon editing. So not a complete loss.

I also had confirmation that five of my images will be on display at the Heaven Art Gallery in March, it is in Scottsdale, Arizona, US… WOW! So now I have exhibitions in Australia, Greece and USA just in the first half of this year, how exciting. Oh, and I might be appearing in another US gallery too.

So I have a shoot on Friday and then we are off on a mini adventure. My Youngest daughter is arriving on Wednesday to spend a few days with us and catches up with some friends. Yay! Another big week my friends, cannot wait to get started.

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo