Share Your World – 27th Feb 2018

What are you reading right now? Truthfully? Nothing! Zip, Nadda, nothin. I have not picked up a book in ages. Even while travelling on boring aeroplanes, I found other ways to entertain myself, other than reading. It’s not that I don’t like reading I do, I just find that I either fall asleep or get really restless. I read posts on WordPress and Social Media, but I spend most of my time watching or listening to tutorials or online classes and workshops. Perhaps I have forgotten the act of reading? I mean I know HOW to read, but curling up on the couch with a good book? I cannot seem to do it anymore, sad isn’t it?

What was your first adult job? I worked as a bank clerk straight out of high school, I hate every minute of it, it wasn’t long before I went looking for greener pastures. That’s when I started in the TV Industry at 18…and did for many years.

 What’s your favourite breakfast cereal? I guess Oatmeal, I don’t really eat a huge amount of cereal. Occasionally I might have cornflakes with honey, but in winter it is often nice hot oatmeal. In the warmer months, I have (lactose-free) yoghurt and fruit.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? I appreciated one of my makeup artists getting in front of the camera for a wonderful shoot this week. Weeks of planning and makeup trials made for the most magical, whimsical shoot, inspired by all things Japanese, Anime, Kitsune and Cosplay; a fox spirit / Geisha/ Kabuki themed extravaganza.

What made me smile? Well, my Saturday afternoon maternity shoot got cancelled. Why does this make me smile, you ask? I have this really bad habit of jinxing my Mum’s to be and either putting them into labour the day of our shoot or very shortly after it. Teena called me mid-morning and said she thought her waters had broken, even though bubs wasn’t due just yet. She was scheduled for a C-section today, but bubs had other plans. They managed to hold him off until Sunday…Mum and Bub doing really well. But my maternity shoot? Not so good lol. I guess now it will be a Newborn shoot!

Maybe I should hire myself as the baby whisperer…hire me for a photo shoot and you expect the early arrival of your little one. Of all the maternity shoots I have planned & done, only one Bub didn’t turn up that day or the next, he is still a stubborn little boy apparently! So it is something like 90% success in getting Bubs to come early, as a result, I am worried about getting anyone in under 36 weeks. Still alls well that ends well. Teena and her partner have a beautiful baby boy to add to their little family.

~ Julz

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