In the Studio – with Ally Nicole #1

Here is one out of the bag…well sort of. One of my Hair and Makeup miracle artists, Ally has been getting in front of the camera of late. She has a passion and love for all things Cosplay, Anime and Japanese. She recently asked me if I could create some magic for her with some items she bought back from a recent trip to Japan. A little brainstorming and Pinterest researching we came up with the fabulous idea for a Kitsune/ Geisha /Kabuki-inspired shoot.

The Concept

I spent some time online researching mainly Kitsune (Japanese Fox Spirit), but we also took some other avenues as well. Ally had spent hours styling and creating and practising the makeup for this shoot. We predominantly wanted a very cosplay/ anime style symbolising the Kitsune, I guess this is a case of failing upward? Shot in high-key (mostly blown out whites) on a white background, the whole Geisha look was too beautiful not to give its own page.

It has also been described as a Kabuki Witch, and I guess that is true too, possibly even more than a Geisha, due to the makeup. I still feel that the whole ‘vibe’ is very geisha girl. I have more images, which I will create another post, as it has a very different feel to it.

How does it make you feel? What sense of story or purpose to you see? Is it beautiful or creepy?

~ Julz