Tech Talk – Sony 50mm Prime Lens


So last week I reviewed the Sony 28-70mm Lens (SEL2870) that goes with my  Sony a7ii mirrorless DSLR Camera, which I reviewed the week before. So this week I will post my review of the Sony 50mm prime (SEL50F18F). This is a fabulous lightweight lens, with a wide aperture. At first, I wasn’t over the top happy, as I cannot focus as close as I can with my Nikon 50mm Prime (0.5m focus distance), it was annoying and frustrating. Full specs available from Sony here.

Basic Specifications

  • Lightweight and compact 35mm Full Frame standard lens (6.06oz or 186grams)

  • F/1.8 wide aperture

  • Beautiful Bokeh

  • Great in low light*

  • And I have always had a prime (True not a specification of the lens, but me)

    Some sample images taken with this lens;

    You May notice I predominately use this lens for Close-ups of faces, this is because I do. I love the wide open aperture, the soft bokeh. It picks up the sparkle in the eyes and provides a beautiful connection with my subject. However, you need to stand at least 0.5m (1.5ft) from your subject to focus and much further than that to get a full body shot I usually cannot get further enough back in the studio for that. I also have this thing where I do not like to take images from too far away, I feel like I am losing my connection with my subject.

    SO as much as I did not really like this lens at first, I am beginning to appreciate the nuances it offers. Like my other Sony Lens, while everything is perfectly in focus they are slightly softer than my Nikon, but I am beginning to appreciate the dreaminess this offers.

    ~ Julz

    * While this lens works brilliantly in low light, the Sony sometimes struggles to focus in REALLY low light situations.