Monday’s Musings


Squeaky Beach – The Prom

Quick one today, busy week and a VERY busy weekend. My youngest daughter flew down for a visit, I had a photo shoot Thursday, we then went away for the weekend to a B&B in Fish Creek, down in Gippsland (I won the weekend in a photo competition). We went to this region nearly 12 months ago; read about it here – Inverloch. It was lovely to head back there, even if it was a brief trip.  Warm and Sunny on Saturday and a great Sunset, we almost missed! Next to no sunrise (Karma!) and much cooler day on Sunday. Just a few pics of my phone for today…



You cannot really tell much from recent images posted but I have been using my new hand-painted backdrops a little and I adore the dark charcoal one…


Still not quite sure about the grey/green one…I will try and remember to get some behind the scenes shots so you can see them properly.


What else? Miss Chloe is recovering from her surgery quite nicely, as is Dad. A quieter week this week, but I do have a day with Desley scheduled…always fun. I will not tell you what we have planned as yet…did you see Desley’s amazing shoot with Beck last week? Cool stuff. I have a four day weekend (Yay!) So I have plans with my Hubby as well.

OK, so that is it from me for now, so much to do and so much editing…I hope you all have an amazing week.

~ Julz