Furbaby Friday – Chloe in trouble

The image up top is my Baby Girl, Chloe, I have spoken of her many times, she is sick and needs help. We came home from work the other night to find she had chewed on her side and pulled away some of her fur, there were a few spots which she had also scratched, thinking it was infected flea bite or something. She had a vet appointment to remove the stitches from her surgery. The vet had a look and thought the best option was to shave the area and apply some ointment.

The more fur he removed the worse it became and quite obvious this was not an infected flea bite. We had no idea what was lying under all that fur.

He felt that it was chemical burns, but from what? We have nothing at our house, inside or out, we have always had animals and have been very careful to make sure that there is nothing, not even snail bate or fertiliser.

Someone suggested Cellulitis, but it is not scaly at all. My worst fears, of course, are that some nasty person threw something acidic or caustic over the fence, but we have very tall fences and locked gates,  Chloe would not let anyone approach the gate (even someone she knew) without going to investigate, and the sores are on her side. Also, her fur had nothing on it and was not affected in any way, surely we should have been able to see or smell something?

Our other option is a spider bite, but there are four very distinct patches, four bites? Apparently, there is a Wolf Spider in my area that the venom is not so bad, will just make the dog a little sick, even a small dog like Chloe, but the bite can cause necrotizing arachnidism – Nasty, nasty stuff.

She is on medication and a wait and see, but it is so frustrating. She is still eating and seems quite bright, even if very miserable, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

~ Julz