Monday Musings…

A mixed bag this week, some highlights and some very low episodes, where do I even start. I did a Post last week about my poor fur baby having a major crisis. We still have no idea whether its bug bite, an allergy, a chemical burn (Still most likely suspect) or something else altogether. She is being treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, cortisone, steroids, anti-inflammatory, painkillers and seems to be slowly improving, although it could be a long road to full recovery, we have no idea if there is any long-term damage. She is eating and coming for small gentle cuddles and picked her ball up for a very brief play, so I’d say they are all very good signs.

A photographer friend of ours has just discovered recently his wife has cancer, she is declining rapidly and is now in hospice care, there is no good news there, she is relatively young with teenage children and it is so sad. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

One of my daughters’ friends who had been ill of late has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she isn’t even 30! The prognosis is terminal and limited time left, they are all rallying around her. So sad.

So with a week full of BAD, we had to take a few highlights when we could. This is a four day weekend for Moth & I, which we had so many plans before Chloe’s incident. I am scared to leave her outside or alone for any long period of time, so Friday we spent at home with her, I caught up on a few things and worked in the studio, as you can see dark & moody to match my mood.

After my daughter got home from work, we left her with the care of Chloe (and the other animals) and met some photography friends for a little night skies action. I have not actually tried a real attempt at star trails before and thought I would tonight. Set the camera up and then take a 20-second exposure every 2 seconds for over two hours of the same spot, rather boring actually, at least we had other people to talk too 🙂


JuliePowell_Star Stascker_1
First ever Star Trail


I finally said enough and did a few Astro shots, oh and the glow facing Melbourne in the late afternoon heat, basically a reverse sunrise (which sat behind the trees behind me), before it got dark.

Saturday was just pottering around, editing some photos, catching up on household chores and some Netflix, got quite hot and not conducive to doing a lot.

Sunday we got up early to beat the crowds and the heat and drove to Frankston to see the sand sculptures, this years theme is Aladdin and the Arabian Tales, we took our daughter with us for a fun family morning out.


Finished off with coffee and the largest slice of Mars Bar slice Chocolate cake, split between me and my daughter…no way could we finish it!


Sunday afternoon was more editing, more pottering and relaxing and just hanging out.

Today I had a sleep in and then set up the studio for a day of fun and adventure with Desley, but more on THAT later. There is not much to report on anyone, health-wise, just keep a thought for those in need in your hearts.

I hope you have a lovely week,

~ Julz, xo