In the Studio – Vicki, 40s and f**king fabulous, baby!

In a move to get more women into the studio in my demographic, I put a call out for some lovely women in their 40s and 50s. Victoria was one such gorgeous gal, not quite at the 50s mark, but definitely rockin’ the 40s! Vicki is a photographer herself, who mostly photographs Rock-a-Billy Pinups.  She is a single Mum with two grown-up kids and grandkids, she has her hands full with her own a 13-year-old on the Spectrum, plus she looks after two of her grandkids at least once a week. Vicki also went back to school to study photography too.  If this isn’t a lady that deserves a morning of pampering, no-one does 🙂

So Vicki arrived at 10am, as did Micaela, we spent the next hour chatting away and learning a bit more about each other, Micaela did a fantastic job with Vicki’s makeup, while I had a look through the clothes Vicki brought and mapped out the shoot in my mind. We used five different outfits, from casual jeans and top, pyjamas & lovely negligee (it doesn’t have to be G-string and pushup bras to create some great boudoir shots!), then onto some cocktail and evening dresses. We had some fun with various backdrops and flowing fabrics, great music from the 80s and 90s and lots of laughs. Micaela stayed for a while to do touch-ups and to glam the makeup up a touch from day to evening wear.

Two hours for the session passed way too quickly and I did a quick tidy up, while Vicki changed back into casual clothes. We then sat down with a coffee and had a chat about, kids, photography, and life. I loved not having to rush off to another shoot or to another job and we really enjoyed the day.

Thanks, Vicki, I certainly hope you like your portraits, I think you look amazing!

~ Julz

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