In the Studio – Dark and Moody Workshop

I recently ran the first of my 2018 workshops in the studio, booked out as per usual, people just can’t get enough of the dark and moody magic! I ran it earlier in the year than usual and just to be annoying it was hot 35Β°C – how typical. My studio gets a bit warm, tin roof, hot studio lights. But we battled through three hours with three separate workstations, in groups of two.

Two students had shot with me before, several times, the other four were new. They all seemed to enjoy it, especially as we really focused on the macro side of things and everyone learned a lot about their lenses, most never really using it and having much success before. I am sure they will all be off having a lot more macro fun in the future.

We also worked on composition, styling, use of colour and reflections, refraction and reflectors. The Dry ice in the martini glass was a big hit, and I spent a bit of time playing with the leftovers after everyone went home…but that is for another post.

I generally do not get a lot of time to shoot during a workshop, these are mostly before, during setup or after everyone left, the cupcake was the only shot taken during the class, the light was so pretty.

Due to commitments with travel and photography, I won’t be able to run another workshop like this for awhile, but I will run more later in the year.

~ Julz