Weekend Wanderings – Gippsland Day 2

Day 2

We rose super early, I wanted to try for another glorious sunrise at Walkerville South, we grabbed our gear and a coffee and drove back down to the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park. We spotted lots of wildlife this morning, all just walking across the road, 3 wombats (which is rare… I saw more wombats this trip than I have in my life I think).



This is just one of them, excuse the quality its from my phone and it was still quite dark. We also had to stop for a ringtail possum, some wallabies and lots of rabbits. It was VERY busy on the roads for our Australian Wildlife, but once we got to the beach there was no one around, apart from a Crow and some seagulls. Unfortunately, we did not get much of a sunrise, as the sun rose a large cloudbank blocked our view, we did get a touch of colour and some lovely rays, just on the tail end.


We then got the drone out, as there was no one around and it had its real maiden voyage, we even took it out over water, it is quite scary when you cannot even see it (It has a 7km range), but no incidences and it flew back ‘home’ without any dramas. See more here


I really cannot wait to put this thing through its paces, once we are confident in handling it and not destroying a rather expensive toy, I am sure we will do some amazing things with it!

It was then time to go back to Fish Creek for a cooked breakfast and coffee – yummy. We spent a bit of time chatting with our hosts and then made our goodbyes and packed up the car. Next, we headed over to Port Welshpool, as we had never been and I wanted to see the very long jetty. It is quite historic but was in quite a poor state, they are rebuilding it, but there is lots of concrete, such a shame. We wandered the sandbanks as the tide was way, way out, chasing the hundreds of mud crabs running everywhere, took photos and wandered the coast a little, and of course, took lots of photos of the jetty.


We then headed over to Port Albert, not really very exciting, but we stopped at the historic cemetery, also not overly exciting. I attempted to use the facilities but the drop dunny, had so many redback spiders, I was way too scared and opted to ‘hold on’ for a bit longer! There is a famous old Aussie song and many long tales about redbacks on dunny seats…as scared as I was, it was also quite funny. I am sure if you are familiar with the tales, you are smiling now at the thought! We found out after that Port Albert has amazing fish and chips available right off the pier, or it used to. We did not see much evidence of anything for sale down there.


We then drove to Yarram and onto to Tarra Valley and Traralgon, where we went to the Old Miners Lookout, very different scenery from the rest of the trip. This is the Yallourn Power Plant which supplies Victoria and some of Tasmania.


We then went and found some lunch, not an easy feat, so many of the shops in town were either closed for business or closed for good, we ended up in the food court of the local shopping centre, as we did not fancy a large sit-down restaurant lunch (big breakfast). It is such a shame to see such a good size town doing so badly in this economic state. We then on a whim, headed inland much further and drove the scenic road to Noojee. I wanted to revisit the Historic Train area (for another shoot idea), the Noojee Pub is a great spot to stop for coffee or even lunch on a Sunday, live music and a lively atmosphere. Click on the link to see more of this fabulous area, we didn’t stay long as it was getting quite late, we had our coffee and then made our way back home.


It was such a lovely weekend away, the weather was quite hot on Saturday, but Sunday was much cooler and very pleasant. We have now covered the entire Victorian Coastline from the South Australian border all the way around to Lakes Entrance. Although to be very fair, we have not done the Lakes Entrance region with our cameras in recent years, we used to take the girls there on holiday when they were little. So I guess we need to revisit this area and then drive the rest of the east coast up to NSW border. But that is a trip for another time.

~ Julz