Autumn Skies

I cannot really call it a day trip, more an evening out, about 30 of us all trouped up to RJ Hammer Arboretum, in Olinda and played with crystal clear Autumn skies, the moon would not rise until after midnight. I have shot in the park many times, but never at night, I’d never thought of it, discounted on the closeness to the city and light pollution. There was some, but not as much as I thought. That is at sunset, but the sun was behind me, that is the glow and light bouncing off the cloudless sky as the sun disappeared beyond a hidden horizon. Pretty isn’t it?


I have shot Astro many times, but I was determined to try my hand at Star Trails, which involves taking 100s of photos a few seconds apart over a few hours and then merge them all into one image. It’s not difficult, but boring, once the camera is set up there is nothing to do, I had to change a battery, but apart from that I just sat and chatted away to fellow Togs.

JuliePowell_Star Stascker_1
First ever Star Trail, I should have been set up more to the right

Once I deemed to have ‘enough’ images (I didn’t, as you can see lots of gaps) I then turned my hand at the night sky. Settings ISO 2500 (but dropped it down to 1000 F/3.5 28mm 20 seconds


The Milky Way
The glow facing the city
Milky Way
Just one of the 210 images I took for the Star Trail

Such a lovely night, we finally went home after midnight and fell into bed, even though it is early Autumn, it actually got quite cold sitting on top of that hill, a taste of things to come.

~ Julz