WPC – Favourite Place

This week we are asked to share our favourite place, but it seems to be a little difficult; I think in my mind yes it’s this place, or this, but then there is this…do you see where I am heading here? My mind initially jumps to New Zealand, it always jumps to New Zealand, I loved my visit there and I am really wanting to go back one day. But where in New Zealand? Well, there were so many places, like Hobbiton and Christchurch and Piah Beach…shall I continue.

But when it comes down to it, as much as I loved visiting all those places I have only been once. It is not a place I visit over and over again. Which I feel is the intent of this post.

Walkerville South Boat Ramp, I have visited this spot many times now, I have probably explored it more than any other spot, sunrise, sunset, high tide, low tide, I feel at peace here, I feel whole here, I feel centred.

The other spot is the ancient Redwood Forest in Warburton, I have shot here many times, and other times just wandered in the cool stillness, you can commune with the trees and nature here, you can feel the energy, the growth and it can lift your spirits and imagination.

This is my other happy place, I create here, I edit here, I research and learn here


And this post could not be complete, without my other happy place, my studio. Hot, cold, raining, sunny, Winter, Summer, morning or night, I can come and shoot out here, anytime I feel like it. I create pure magic and run my workshops, I teach, inspire, collaborate, I sing and dance and have fun.

P.S. I is not always that messy, it is normally quite tidy 🙂

SO, what or where is your happy place?

~ Julz, xo