Weekend Wanderings – Visiting Sand Castles on the Beach

We used to have a tradition when the kids were small, every Summer, we would pack up the car and drive to Frankston (once upon a time it was Rye), and see the giant sand sculptures on the beach, we would then either have fish and chips by the beach or eat in the local restaurant, sometimes a picnic at the Enchanted Forest, which was always a must after the Sand Sculptures, it was often cooler up at Mount Martha, and the views were great, the giant maze and extensive gardens a lovely spot for a picnic or ice-cream on a hot sunny day.Β  The windy roads up and down from Mount Martha were great for the girls learning to drive as well. I think it all stopped when they had both finished school, Uni, work, marriage and Life happened and it has been many years since we visited the wonderfully creative sand sculptures. Each year had a different theme; Insects, Disney, Space, Dinosaurs and so much more I cannot remember.

This YearsΒ Theme is Aladdin and the Arabian Tales, possibly due to the Musical Stage Show has recently finished playing in Melbourne?


It is not a very large area, but they cram a lot in, you can be in and out in under an hour (as a photographer) and quicker with kids, but there are activities for kids, with sand for them to play in and build, classes and such…my daughter was not interested in that πŸ™‚

We then went for coffee and cake and then headed home. Nice to get something off the bucket list for the Summer/Autumn before we miss it for another year.


~ Julz