In the Studio – Frozen Dogwoods

Still continuing with my fun in the studio with Desley, I had this great idea to grab some flowers from the garden and freeze them in water in containers, then take the ice-block out and capture time-lapse of a sort, while the ice melted. It was not overly hot the day we shot, more comfortable for us, but it meant the ice took longer to melt. We put hot studio lights over them but it still took several hours to melt.

It’s funny how things work out, at the time I was not overly enthused with the dogwood rose, it was floppy and the stamens looked like they had freezer burn and just looked uninteresting, so I did not take too many shots. When I brought them into Lightroom to edit, I still was not overly impressed until…I made it hi-key, high contrast, and almost  Black & White, Wow! Now they are dreamy and ethereal and almost abstract. How fascinating.


What do you think? I could see this as a series on a wall in an ultra-modern apartment or office.

~ Julz