In the Studio – Frozen Grevillea

I am so lucky to live in a country which has so many unusual animals and plants to photograph. I used to sometimes take these things for granted, long for far off exotic places…once I picked up a camera, I released I LIVED in a far off exotic place! In the space of a 2-minute walk, I can find the most amazing structural plants, especially in Summer (many plants love a desert environment), anyway, one such plant is the Grevillea, I have several varieties in my front yard – the wattle birds love them. So I know you have seen many experiments of late involving freezing various plants and watching them melt, of melting icy-poles and melting skittles, this is the last one I have to feature.

So it is a single grevillea bloom frozen in a container of water, then the ice-block placed on a white plate and we photographed from many angles over several hours.

Oversharing? Nah…sooo cool right, ice cool!! 😛

~ Julz

PS I don’t think Desley has posted hers yet, but keep an eye out on her blog for them shortly