WPC – Smile

While the Northern Hemisphere is warming up, we in the Southern Hemisphere are cooling down: days are getting shorter and Summer is well and truly over. It won’t be long until Autumn is over too, but there is still plenty to smile about. Cooler days means it is more comfortable for travel, Autumn usually signifies great Sunrises and Sunsets, Autumn also signals toadstool season (not yet but soon). Autumn through to Spring also signifies things getting really busy in and out of the studio.

Here are just a few smiley faces, for this week’s WPC, Smile. A smile can make your day, mend your heart and bring joy to your world. There is a difference between a real smile and a fake smile…and I love to capture the real one! I adore a happy contented animal smile as well, warms the heart and soul.

Keep smiling…it makes people wonder what you’re up to…

Smile – it will warm their heart or piss them off…either way you win

If you don’t have a smile…I’ll give you one of mine

Just a few of my favourite smile quotes…I truly hope you have a smiley day 🙂

~ Julz, xo