In the Studio with Dry Ice

What happens to leftover dry ice from a workshop when you have some time to play? After I packed up and cleaned up from a recent workshop, I sat down for a little play time, I am so busy during my workshops, I rarely get a chance to play. So I grabbed my monster torch (it randomly changes colour) and sat down in the dark and took some long and then shorter exposures of dry-ice in hot water in a black coffee mug on black perspex (also with a black background)…

I quite like the colour variations and smooth fog like effects, very cool and quite addictive. I adore how it bounces back up and spreads over the smooth shiny perspex…so cool. This is my 2nd time playing with dry-ice, the first time I admit I was a bit scared and not sure what to do, this time I was much more relaxed and had fun experimenting. I am thinking it will be fun to use again and again. It is just a little dangerous, so use gloves and tongs and do not let it come in contact with skin.

~ Julz