Monday’s Musings…

Hocus Pocus

This past week has been all about The Rabbit, re-edits and writing and re-writing and putting it all together in a coffee table book. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not finished yet, but I can see the end in my sights. My Planning day with Desley last week, certainly helped cement what I had planned. I did have a bit of a meltdown when it came to finding the original .PSD files to edit, and actually had to go back to scratch on a few……ouch! But all good, it gave me a chance to re-evaluate some of the edits I did a few years ago, my style, technique and abilities have changed significantly.

I have started to work out what goes where in my wonderful exhibit space and have been looking at some interactive displays as well. This is the building and some images of the inside space as well. Lovely natural light and large windows. Shame it is in Winter otherwise, I could have the windows open. But, I suppose Dapper Rabbit is more suited to dark and cold and than light and bright.

Not much else to say, I really have just been working on Dapper Rabbit and finishing other edits, tidying up before we leave for our next adventure.

I did attend a Modelling Workshop on the weekend, but I will write more about that soon, walked away with mixed feelings on this one.

I guess the other thing I have been working on is setting up my business for the second half of this year, can’t believe the first half is practically gone. I will be running more workshops, and really building the portrait business up, I mean really working it. I have been steadily increasing work, but I would love to replace my current income entirely by the end of the year. Exhibition and wards and shows are all very nice but do not really provide much of an income. I adore running my workshops and would love to scale them up more. But again, more on that later.

This week is final planning for our trip away, cannot believe I still don’t have it all mapped out on paper, sure I have a list of places to visit and things to do and see, but no plan of where, when or how. Apart from our first night and the last few days, I have no accommodation booked either.  We are literally winging it, like our trip down The Great Ocean Road; and such an amazing adventure that was!

I have scheduled posts, lots of posts for while we are away, I doubt you will even know I am not here 🙂

I hope you have a fabulous week (well weeks)…

~ Julz, xo