Share Your World – 10th April 2018

Another week, another SYW, this may be my last for a few weeks, don’t forget to check in on Cee’s page for further questions and of course her answers.

Been anywhere recently for the first time? Actually, I have been a few places for the first time, one was The Ada Tree, near Warburton, Victoria, the other was St. Kilda Botanical Gardens. So vastly different from each other, yet both quite beautiful. The Ada Tree is Australian Native Bushland, ferns, trees, creeks and hiking trails. The St. Kilda Botanical Gardens, are lush and green with expansive lawns and manicured gardens of roses and various other plants. There were native plants as well, but not as many. I also have very different models in the below images 🙂

List three favourite book characters. I do not really read a lot these days, I often wonder if I have forgotten how to read a book, I know that might sound silly, but if you have not read a book in a long time, it is quite difficult to get back into it. I read all the time, blog posts mostly, but a whole novel…that is quite different. 

Belgarath the Sorcerer, (The Belgariad, Belgarath and The Elenium series – all written by David Eddings). Silk from the same series. Actually, I adore almost anything by David Eddings. I guess Gandolf the Grey & Frodo from LOTR rate a mention. I have not even gotten to Terry Brooks Shannara series…oh dear, just three?

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink: hot or cold? Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coke. Ummm, did I mention Coffee? 🙂


Hocus Pocus
OK, so it’s not Monday anymore…


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? This week is almost bringing to a close my Dapper Rabbit Series (these are not the final images, but you get the idea). Desley has been furiously writing away and I think the end result is pretty awesome. Once complete I will show you some images of the final book and of course some behind the scenes of the exhibit but bear with me a little while yet, as there is still some time before it is all finally together, I fear that will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Moth and I have finally gotten around to some sort of itinerary for our upcoming adventure, just as well, we leave in a few days! Can’t believe I have not had everything completely mapped out before we get there, did the same for Bali and The Great Ocean Road – maybe this is my new thing, instead of planning everything out to the last second, we just wing it and see WHERE we end up? Beleive it or not I have also turned my attention to ANOTHER adventure for 2019, another big one – I hope. But more on THAT later in the year.

The title image “Nurture” is a little cut out belonging to Desley, I know it is her mantra for this year, but this week it seems fitting, I am nurturing both my creative and my adventurous soul.

I hope you all have an amazing week, and happy snapping…

~ Julz, xo