Tuesdays of Textures – Dapper Rabbit, The Poker Game

Two years ago, I started working on the sliver of an idea about a Giant Evil Rabbit, Part Jack the Ripper, part Jekyll & Hyde. At first, people thought I was mad, but when I finally convinced just a few people to come on board and I produced the first few images, it all started coming together. Then a few people started to understand where I was going. Interest began to build. This was not some cute illustrated bunny, this was true evil in the form of a none human. A parallel for our own evil intent. I got more and more people working with me, mostly my own little family, but then friends, and colleagues and fellow photographers. His story was well observed. Finally, after all this time I have managed to shoot the last few major pieces and put together the finishing touches to some minor detail pieces.


This is The Poker Game, Edward (That is actually the rabbit’s name; Edward Hyde), took to gambling and whoring is evenings away, little did these girls know, just how much danger they were really in. Many misdeeds would be done this night.

I specificallyΒ keep all women in this series as anonymous as possible, while still showing them as characters within the story.


The Set Up & Behind the Scenes

Models – Brunette – Ruby Ravonfare, Blonde – Gemma Ruzzier, Rabbit – Moth

Desley has been very busy writing the short stories to go with these images;

Check them out, truly wonderful albeit dark and gruesome, reads.

~ Julz