In the Studio – Follow the White Rabbit

Continuing on from last week’s Mad Hatter theme, we did what I dubbed The White Rabbit, there is a little reference there to The Matrix (movie) as well I guess. It did not start out as Alice inspired, but was Jess was all dressed and ready to go I hunted out my pocket watch and handed it to her…voila! Granted a little sexier than the White Rabbit from the Alice movies, but there is still something very Wonderland-ish about it all, isn’t there?

Powell-Julie_Jess_White RabbitPowell-Julie_Jess_White Rabbit-2Powell-Julie_Jess_White Rabbit-4Powell-Julie_Jess_White Rabbit-5Powell-Julie_Jess_White Rabbit-7Powell-Julie_Jess_White Rabbit-8

This was such a fun afternoon shoot, and I am finding I am less and less perturbed by costume changes during a shoot and will often go for 3 or 4 or sometimes more of late.

So, what do you think, too sexy to be a white rabbit?

~ Julz