In The Studio – With Hayley & Ian


Powell-Julie_Hayley & Ian
Ian & Hayley – they really are friends

Powell-Julie_Time WarpThere have been lots of In The Studio Posts of late, just proves how busy I am and these are mostly just the fun stuff, not actual portrait sessions. Not all my Clients want to be plastered all over Social Media! But I digress…


So I recently did a shoot with Hayley and a new Model – Ian, such a character and a really nice guy. He has never done anything like this before but was so good. My Models all tell me it’s my directing skills, but I think there is some real talent in my models as well. Maybe it’s our chemistry? Anyway, Ian was asked for his looks – we were after a Dastardly Dan for our Damsel in Distress, circa 1920s. Hayley and I wanted for such a long time to have our villain tie her up with rope and place her on train tracks, such evil villainy!


We even found the perfect spot, the historic J550 train at Noojee Historic Centre, complete with tracks and everything. Alas the day of the shoot, it rained and rained and rained. Instead of cancelling we moved it to the studio, not quite the same, but still loads of fun. In fact, the above image is the one used in the below composite.

BewareDamsel in dsitress

As we were not reliant on weather and natural light we played around and not only did my Damsel get tied to the train tracks, she fought back and tied up the villain! Go, Hayley  🙂

Revenge is sweet

Isn’t funny how people always want to seem to play the bad guy! I know in movies actors claim the bad guy is more fun. Most of us in real life try to be good people and don’t like ‘real’ bad guys, but there is something fascinating about our ‘story’ bad guys. Weird huh?

~ Julz