Tuesday’s Textures – The Dapper Rabbit and the Death Scene

For two years, on and off I have been featuring artwork from my enormous Dapper Rabbit series, which I am pleased to announce is now finished. This has been such a huge undertaking and even though he was on hold for most of last year, I was concerned it would never be finished. I was granted a solo gallery exhibit featuring this rabbit, so I had no choice but to buckle down and finish. It’s silly really I had two major images and some detail shots to do, but things never went to plan. I had to cancel the Poke Gamer so many times, due to weather, injury, timing conflicts, illness; I thought it was never going to happen. But when it did it was kismet, everything was flawless and perfect, the models were superb. So last week I featured the Poker Game. This week – The Death Scene.


The Death Scene

We actually shot two different ones, but the second came off looking more 50 Shades of Grey than a Death Scene. I love how I incorporated both girls. The lighting setup was a happy accident, I had been using two large studio lights for the Poker Game and had turned them off to cool down when I set up this shot, I adore the minimal and dramatic light from the single Edison bulb suspended from the roof, so I used that as my only light source.


Alternate Death Scene


I will do a few final posts over the next week or so with some of the detail shots, I took as well. I guess then it is printing and framing and then some photos from the exhibit as well.

~ Julz

PS Want to few the whole series so far? Check it out on my Website here