Autum Outings – Cardinia Lake

We had several days of stunning Autumn sunshine, not too hot nor too cold and bright blue skies, perfect weather for exploring. I know I say I love Summer and the warmer weather, but I am thinking these days I prefer days like this. So we went exploring with our cameras, as we do.

I like to find places without too many people, I’m not big on crowds, which is actually what we found in many of the locations we tried to explore this day. Dandenong Ranges in good weather is a favourite for many tourists. Which means even grabbing a bite to eat becomes a game of finding a car park, finding a cafe or restaurant, finding a seat, waiting really long time to be served, when we just want to be out and about.

Anyway, this is Cardinia Lake or Reservoir in the Dandenong Ranges, not 15 minutes from my house, we have been here before, but never with a Drone, it’s actually quite pretty with the sun glittering on the water.

~ Julz

PS I took the drone up from a slightly different area, will post that another time…soon.