Out of the Studio – Outside Modelling Workshop

As most of you are aware I am a member of several Photographic Groups, as are several of my WordPress Friends, I recently decided to attend an Outside Modelling Workshop, run by a Model herself; Jana Martens. It was not a good day for me, even though the sun was shining and the weather was wonderful. I was battling a headache, my hips and knees were acting up, getting lost getting there didn’t help my mood (This is why I rarely go to these things without Moth), I am having some dramas with the LCD on my beloved Sony, (typical just before we go to Tassie), so I was probably not in the best frame set by the time I got there. Having paid my dues I figured I may as well stay, but to be honest I just wanted to turn around and leave (I actually was about to turn around after 20 minutes, but finally found the group, but I was spotted and it was too late). But by the end of the session, I walked away with some lovely photos, that I really can’t ever do anything with. Apart from cementing and practising things I already knew, as well as practising using natural light – no reflector or diffuser – I can’t say I really learnt anything. I was also in a much better mood.

I was hoping it was more on non-fashion style posing, more for real people. Perhaps a little more on expression and battling horrid outside light. It was also on full body posing, something I rarely do. I did learn one thing, fashion photography is NOT my thing. 🙂 I guess this was more on a beginner level, and a beginner with portraits is something I am not. I did get to work on my self-confidence in groups of people I don’t know, so that’s a good thing too. It’s quite ridiculous but in a situation like that I become an introvert and quiet and don’t like to step forward, Once I am in direct mode I am fine, but apart from that, I am happy to sit in the background. In my own studio it is very different, when I am running a class or workshop it is very, very different for sure. It is something I know and am passionate about. Perhaps I do not like to exert my knowledge and authority over a situation when I am NOT in charge?

I guess if I am honest I was also there to spy on HOW other people conduct Portrait Workshops, I have only run two and one was for more beginners and I felt that the whole thing was rushed. The feedback from my workshops was that it was a little rushed. This was 10 people and did not feel that rushed at all. So it was interesting. My fellow WP blogger friend Suzanne Balding also attended, she has a more technical approach to the session, feel free to pop over and read her post “Start with the feet”

I guess the highlight was catching up with some fellow Togs. It is what it is, I must admit I was in a much better mood by the time I left. So I guess that is a good thing.