Out of the studio – Flowers, Planner and Cupcakes

Flowers, Planners & Cupcakes…

Unlike my house or even studio, Desleys apartment has white walls and lots of lovely natural light, it is such fun to shoot there. I went there recently for a lovely lunch, she brought out some cupcakes for dessert, her baker does the prettiest icing. So I snapped a few of those. We also put both out planners in the picture, some other pretty things and played some more. I had also lent Desley one of my old continuous lights, so we set that up as it was getting dark and I showed her a few tricks using that and keeping the shadows soft.

I adore the shots with both our planners and the cupcakes, so US! Nurture is her word for this year and so fitting in these shots, as is the You Are Enough medallion.

~ Julz