Regular Random – A little Droning

I showed some footage and photos from our little drone, Defiant#1 the other week. We can’t always be out flying it, A/ There a lot of places you cannot fly it, B/ I think it needs to be something interesting C/ the conditions have to be favourable. So on a recent exploration of the local area, we stopped at Cardinia Lake and thought this was a great location, also no people, It’s something we could not get out to ourselves and the weather was perfect. Here are a few photos from the drone…


Then I also shot some video. This is actually MY first official flight, Hubby has flown the last few times. It is fun but a little scary…I mean what if I accidentally hit the land button or something while it’s over water?

A little jumping and I panned a little too fast in spots, but I think the video footage is smoother than the last lot.

~ Julz