Autumn Outings – RJ Hamer Arboretum

I have visited the RJ Arboretum in Olinda before, on several occasions, we shot some Astro Photography there a few weeks ago. But we recently had some glorious Autumn weather, possibly our last for awhile and decided it was time to see if the leaves were turning. We do not really get too much colour change, as our climate is fairly mild and our trees are mostly evergreens, however this arboretum as Birch and Ash and Pine trees, which also means toadstools.

Sadly not a lot of colour, and no toadstools either, it is still too warm and has been so dry. Apart from a day where it rained heavily recently, we have not had rain in months. Still, it was lovely to be out in crystal clear sunshine, pleasant temps and a slight breeze. Perhaps we can pop in here again in a few weeks and see the if the Toadstools are ready.

~ Julz