Autumn Outings – The Ada Tree

Trying to get to the Ada Tree is a lesson in miscommunication, according to various sources it is in Noojee, Warburton, Neerim and Baw Baw, it’s actually in between pretty much all of them in the middle of nowhere, GPS is pretty useless and you need to follow the signs, marked at just far enough apart as to make you second guess what direction you are taking. I think it is approx 20km from Warburton and perhaps a little more from Noojee, we went from Noojee as we had been there to visit the Trestle Bridge, (It took about 1.5 hours to get home via Warburton).

I have never been to the Ada Tree, but have heard about it a few times recently. The Ada Tree, a giant Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans), is considered to be one of Victoria’s largest living trees. It is estimated to be over 300 years old and towers over the surrounding rainforest in the headwaters of the Little Ada River. The track in (once you find the carpark and amenities), is reportedly extremely muddy in the wetter months, we have not seen rain in so long and it was still a little damp, can’t imagine what it’s like in Winter and Spring! It was a 1.5km walk in, very pretty and scenic, lovely paths winding through forest and native tree ferns, small creeks, mushrooms or toadstools, and dappled sunlight sneaking through the tree canopy. Very quiet and we heard very little bird life.

The tree itself is quite large, as are many of the stumps in the vicinity, the Ada tree is the only enormous one still standing. There are lots of other trees, but not nearly so big. There were lots of lovely benches to sit, rest and contemplate. To follow the full circle route is another 2km back to the car park along a fire break trail and not nearly so pretty and interesting as the way in. If you ever go, I honestly suggest going the same way out as you came in. I was exhausted and stiff and sore, I realise for some of you this walk would be nothing, but for me, my hips and knees were complaining by the time I got to the car. It was a nice easy track, but still a little long for me, I think 2km is about my limit these days.

Powell-Julie_Ada Tree-29

We drove home via Warburton and stopped for a coffee and cake at the bakery – yummy.

~ Julz