Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 1

Notably our first Day was not overly exciting and I was close to not really mentioning much, but I did take a few photos and I thought it was worth a quick mention.

We woke early and of course witnessed the most glorious sunrise while travelling on the freeway with the camera packed securely in the back 😦 the cloud formations were amazing, truly incredible, but by the time we made it to Station Pier it had clouded in and the drizzle started, little did we know it was an omen of what was to come. We queued up and finally got the car loaded onto the Spirit of Tasmania II and made our way up to the sitting areas. We managed to spend a few minutes getting some photos before it turned really wild and wintery (it had been 28°C the day before).

As we headed out of the bay, it got even worse, so much so we were no longer allowed access outside to the decks. Once we got near toΒ Bass Strait it cleared a little and we could see the lighthouse at Port Lonsdale. I have some wonderful photos taken of this and the jetty from the beach from a while ago [see here].

We arrived in the dark, after a very rough trip, Moth and I have never suffered from seasickness before and we were both a bit green by the time we docked, more from the vibrations, noise and smell than anything, I think. As it was so dark, we really did not get a chance to see much of Devonport. We drove to our Hotel (Sunrise Hotel – it was clean and comfy, but nothing special. We were so tired we ordered Pizza and then watched a little Netflix, before falling asleep.

Here ends Day 1, I promise the next few entries will be much more exciting πŸ™‚

~ Julz