Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 3

Rose early (you will hear a lot of that, on average we were up and gone by 6 – 7am), lounged over a cooked breakfast and then headed out. This morning we drove to Preston Falls, lovely and easy to get to the top of the falls, but no way to access the bottom. We even had a little touch of sunshine this morning.

We headed out to Leven Canyon, but the wind and the rain settled back in, so we gave up and left. We then headed out to Cradle Mountain, the sky cleared and we actually had blue sky, little did we know as the crossed Mount Roland, the clouds closed back in, there was a howling gale, rain and hail and even sleet. It was so bad we could barely stand up. We tried to wait it out, but it only got worse, eventually, we realised we were wasting precious time, so we left, hoping to revisit the area another day.


We entered the Franklin Gordon National Park and even crossed the Franklin river (not the famous end), still beautiful and ended up in Queenstown, quite an interesting mining town, but not overly pretty, but we found some fantastic views.

Visited Spion Kopf lookout, really steep and slippery – frankly with overrated views. We then drove up to the Iron Blow Lookout, an abandoned copper mine, now filled with water, the weirdest shade of blue. It was fabulous, if not a little scary, due to the height, as was nearby Horsetail Falls. There is a 1km boardwalk across the side of the mountain, it is truly terrifying (especially in that wind) and I wouldn’t let Moth go!

We visited Plimsoll Lake and then drove to the Nelson Falls. It’s a 20-minute return trip that took us over an hour, we kept stopping to take photos of fungi.

After struggling to find a hotel that was cheap and had a room, we ended up driving all the way to Hobart, it was a little scary driving down out of the mountains in the dark, kangaroos, Tassie Devils, wombats, rabbits and possums, were all out and about, luckily no instances. We ended up staying at The Woolstore near Salamanca Square, right in the CBD, one block from the docks, pretty cool and funky hotel in the old quarter. Also had a lovely bar & restaurant, we would call this home for a few days.

~ Julz

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