Tuesday’s Textures

While it’s true we have been travelling for many weeks, I was glad to get back in the studio the day after our return. I wanted to create some fantastic Fine Art Nudes and Jayde was only too happy to jump on board, especially once I showed her my ideas.

JuliePowell_Basking in Radienace“Basking in the radiance and sunshine from my soul” is a creation of an amalgamation of some of the Masters, Renoir, Rembrandt, Cezanne and possibly a few others thrown in as well. I have added a slight painterly look, with soft muted colours. I was tempted to not cover up the green hair and tattoos, but it did not quite fit the Masters’ theme, so I painstakingly hand-painted out each tattoo and the hair. I must say I love the old world feel to it. I’ll put the original below.

JuliePowell_Basking in Radienace_Original
Original Photo

The title? Well, there is just something almost ethereal and glowing about the image, the model looks so relaxed and peaceful. It is also a reflection of HOW this kind of art makes me feel. Soft muted tones, but still with a grungy feel, adding to the feel of old world Masters. We had such a fun afternoon and got wildly creative with some ideas I had floating around in my head.

~Julz, xo