Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 4

We had the luxury of a small sleep in this morning, followed by a long leisurely cooked breakfast, the storms had pretty much blown through the night before, there was even fresh snow in the hills, but in Hobart, it was glorious sunshine and bright blue skies. So we grabbed the cameras and walked to Macquarie Dock, then Constitution Dock and everything in between even spotted ‘The Take it Easy” at a dock, but no one was on board, I am sure they were exploring the sights, as we were. We had coffee at Salamanca Square, as it was not a Saturday however, there was no hustle and bustle of the markets, I have heard it is similar to Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, so too many people for my liking anyway. We visited galleries and shops and walked the grounds and gardens of Parliament House. Already feeling a little footsore, we then went back to the hotel and got the car. We explored lovely old Battery Point (although we never could find the sculpture trail?), and decided to drive up to Mount Wellington, as there were reports of fresh snow. Clear blue skies and lots of fresh snow! It was freezing and very windy (again), we wandered around the top and then went looking for various waterfalls (which we did not find) and did some hiking below the snow line, where it was a bit warmer. We drove past and stopped at Cascade brewery (but it was too late for a tour & samples) and then back to the hotel for a cuppa, before dinner. We enjoyed a lovely steak dinner in the restaurant, followed by some night shooting of the fantastic local historic buildings.

Hobart and the Docks

Mount Wellington

~ Julz

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