Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 7 (Part 1)

Yet another early start as we wanted to go back to Remarkable Cave car park and fly the drone. We did two runs, one for video and one for photos, The Dolomite cliffs must have caused some interference, as we lost GPS signal at one point and the drone got blown out to sea. All good, Moth did a fantastic job of getting it back safe. I was so happy with the images we got, this is what a drone was made for, getting images we could not get from land. We then did some exploring the nearby bays and beaches before heading over to Port Arthur Historic Sites.

I am pretty sure that images like these are why man invented drones, simply stunning.


I will leave this post here, as it is already long enough and the next post at Port Arthur is going to be a long one too.

~ Julz

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