Monday’s Musings

It’s been a busy week back at work, and a busy weekend. It was so lovely just to exist for a for days before I went back to work last week, that is all but a dream now. Having nearly a month off work, meant a bit of playing catch-up, not that they were particularly busy in my absence. I spent Friday in readiness for Saturday’s Studio shoot and some running around for Dapper Rabbit Exhibition, only a week left before we set up. Here is the Promo video for the Exhibit.

Saturday the team was back together again, Micaela did the Hair and Makeup for Jess, for a Beauty and the Beast inspired studio session, the weather was actually rather pleasant at times and Jess and & I decided to take it to the park, as well as just in the studio. Lots of fun, but I will show more soon.


Then, of course, yesterday was Mother’s Day (well here in Australia anyway), so I got pretty flowers, of course, and some chocolates as a special delivery from my Daughter in QLD, delivered by my Daughter here in Melbourne, I also got coffee in bed. I then spent a little while photographing my flowers (and the ones I got my Mum), then we went off to see my Mum and Dad for a lovely afternoon tea and a catch-up.

Then suddenly it’s Monday again. I have more shoots this week and so much other stuff going on, so that is where I will leave things for today, of course, I have more Days from Our Tasmanian Adventure scheduled for this week. Thank you for everyone’s comments, I am so glad you have all been enjoying my daily posts.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz