Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 9

We drove back down to Coles Bay (from Bicheno)to catch the Wine Glass Bay Cruise, we were going to spend the next four hours on this lovely catamaran, we upgraded to the Sun Lounge – worth every cent; Private Deck, access to the pilot, our own waitress and bar staff and everything was included (lunch and drinks) and our own private viewing deck (there were only about 10 of us). It was the perfect Autumn Day, with warm sunshine and blue skies and calm gentle winds. We saw Common Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals, Albatross and Sea Eagles and so much more.

We had a lovely lunch at Wine Glass Bay – so clear and pristine. This bay is quite difficult to get to via land (Freycinet National Park), such a long hike, so this is probably the easiest way to do it, is by sea. We saw “Take it Easy” at anchor – we were not stalking them I swear 🙂  but no-one was on board, not that we could have chatted, we were anchored at the other end of the bay. All too soon we were back at the dock and saying our goodbyes. It had been such a lovely morning out. It truly was a spectacular way to see the bay and Freycinet National Park, most of which you can only access by foot. So really was not much of good for me. [Read more about Freycinet NP here].


Us at Wineglass Bay, thanks to a fellow traveller


After we returned to the harbour we drove up to Cape Tourville Lighthouse and lookout, we could see so many of the sights we had seen by boat, just much more distant. We drove back into Coles Bay and went to the jetty, there are rocks all through this region famous for their red/orange lichen, all rather pretty, the sun was getting quite low on the horizon and I was casually standing on the jetty (perhaps with my senses a little dulled or lulled?) and I was caught off guard by a very large and errant wave. I could do nothing but try to protect the camera as I was completely drenched by this damn bloody wave. All waves returned back to their normal state once they were satisfied I was soaked all the way through. Lucky for me the day was actually quite warm, however…that water was still very, VERY cold! Of course, this was one of the few times I did not have the suitcase in the car, as we were staying in our hotel a few days and had left ALL the clothes in the room! So wet, soggy and by now starting to get a little cold, we continued on. And NO, Moth did not capture any of it on camera. It was actually really quite funny, once I stopped sooking about it.

With the sun now really quite low on the horizon, we visited Friendly Beaches we spent what was left of the light exploring the rocks and beach and watched the sunset, not a great sunset, but still a nice way to end the day.

One the way back to Bicheno and our hotel we had to pass by a bushfire, as well as kangaroos (they come out after sunset and are a traffic hazard). Again, nothing much open for dinner, so we ate what was left of the junk food and muesli bars. Just as well we got a good lunch!

~ Julz

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