In the Studio with Jayde – Fine Art Nude

We had only just come back from our Tasmania trip and we were both back in the studio, Moth joined me for a rare in-studio shoot. This week was a Fine Art Nude shoot with Jayde Helena. I had some ideas for a few artistically styled nude images, almost Brooke Shaden in nature, but I also wanted to try some classic Old Style Masters (showed last week).

It is actually quite difficult working with this format, it is a fine line drawn between, artistic, nude, and erotica. We crossed a few lines (just) and I found I still prefer the Fine Art stylings, in other words, I prefer to have implied nude more often than not hiding more than showing, sounds weird right? Jayde’s normal style is more along the lines of erotica and fetish, something I personally am not a huge fan of and I am honestly not sure HOW to best capture it on camera.

Still, we had a fun afternoon, we played around with a few loose concepts involving a poker scene, throwing around lots of fake gold coins! We also brought in some masks and capes, dry ice, smoke machines and creative lighting.

JuliePowell_Jayde FAN-12

Adore the Carnival Masks images, such fun and so, so creepy!

~ Julz