Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 10

This time we were up super early, I really wanted to capture sunrise at The Gulch (basically a marina of sorts), with the jetty, rock formations and magic reflections, it was a breathtaking sunrise at Bicheno. I don’t do it as often as I like, but I love to start the day off with a magic sunrise, it is good for the soul, the peace and tranquillity as the sunrises, some things are worth getting up for. And that is the crux, I do not enjoy getting up early and I do not have a sense of humour in the morning either…something Moth thinks is VERY funny. But once I am up, I am all good, just takes a bit to get going, and coffee.


JuliePowell_Sunrise at The Gulch-4
Sunrise at The Gulch, Bicheno


We finally went back to the hotel and packed up, we grabbed a big cooked breakfast after next to nothing for dinner and then went back to The Gulch for a little exploring. We visited the Blowhole which was interesting and quite funny as well watching some of the tourists to see which ones bravely (or is that stupidly) get as close as they dared. We stayed here awhile trying to get the perfect shots, each time wanting to get just one more set…I nearly had to drag Moth away.

Eventually, we left Bicheno behind and headed north stopping at various pretty beaches along the way; Dennison Beach, Little Beach and so many others I can’t name. All pretty, but all quite similar, with nothing remarkable to tell them apart. We stopped and did two waterfall walks; Halls Falls, at Pyengana (near Perth) and then St Columba Falls. Halls Falls was approx 900m from the car park, but the last 100m was way too steep for me to attempt, but it was in general quite flat and a pretty little walk, I did get attacked by an errant blackberry thorn bush on my leg and foot (was not wearing my hiking boots) and got a little scratched up. Oh, Karma had you forsaken me this last couple of days?  What had I done to get some scratches and a soaking? Or were you just trying to remind me that this world was not as perfect and content as I was current feeling? 🙂 Fortunately, we carry a first aid kit in the car and covered myself with antiseptic.

After leaving the Halls Falls, which were a little difficult to see and even worse to photograph, we then drove to St Columba Falls, where I was under the impressions it was a quick and easy walk to some spectacular and amazing 130m drop falls. It was actually a long, steep walk down to the falls, while pretty were NOT spectacular – and THEN such a long walk back up and very, very steep. Still, I made it and survived.

We continued up through Scamander and Beaumaris and onto St Helen’s. After settling into the Motel, we drove in the dark to Binalong Bay, we saw very little so headed back into St Helens for a pub meal, a few drinks and then headed for a comfy bed.

~ Julz

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