Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 11

Slept in! We had woken early and saw there were too many clouds for a good sunrise, so went back to bed. When we eventually did venture out we drove up the coast to Eddystone Point Lighthouse and Mount William National Park, we spent some time exploring this area, (with a sky still full of grey clouds).

We then drove back to Binalong Bay for lunch and a look around, we scouted out a great spot for sunrise the next day. A perfect little bay with granite rocks covered in orange lichen, a few small trees for interest and the bay before us, now we just needed a great sunrise to match.

We then went to The Gardens (Honeymoon Point Rd) Oh My! pure bliss, that water was so aqua and so clear, that sand so white, like icing sugar. We found not just red but green lichen on the granite rocks here too. Nobody here but us, I love moments like this. The water looked so inviting but was actually really cold.

We drove back to St Helen’s, but really not much to see, just another small town with a busy tourist village and harbour, kids and boats everywhere. School holidays were making things a little busy. We ended up back at the same pub for dinner, it was just so good and really quite cheap. And early night, as we planned on being up early for sunrise. The Bay of Fires area (from Binalong Bay to Eddystone point) was named the Bay of fires by Captain Tobias Furneaux, in 1773, when he noticed numerous fires along the coast. He believed the area to be densely populated, but it was the original Aboriginal inhabitants. [ More info here ], the orange lichen adorning the granite boulders of the area also further add to the name, most tourists seem to think that is where the name came from.

~ Julz

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