Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 12

We rose early, as planned and drove out to Binalong Bay, driving in the dark on these country rides can be a little scary and while we saw plenty of Kangaroos, we did not hit any – we have so far been quite lucky. While the setting was fantastic the sunrise was OK but not magic, not like at Bicheno, but it was still so calm and peaceful. I felt calm and refreshed as only a sunrise can do. We have been on the go for days and I was starting to get a little tired. We spent a little time here, wandering around and taking a few photos in the early morning light, then it was time to go back to the hotel and pack the car again.


We went looking for breakfast and found a great little cafe serving loads of gluten-free goodies, they even packed us a picnic lunch to take with us, we then hit the road again. We drove through Scottsdale went on a long goose chase to Mt Paris Road Dam, we did eventually find some water, not exactly a dam, but what we treat we found along the way – toadstools, thousands of them bright red toadstools! Oh, we were like children running through the dark, damp underbrush of that pine forest, photo after photo, after photo, fairy heaven.

We continued on to Nebowla to see Bridestowe Lavender Farm, sadly no blooms, but it was still pretty incredible, it must be awesome in full bloom, the neat little rows of lavender bushes for miles.

We again continued onto George Town, the scenery changed the further we headed up the Isle, it was now very industrial; mining, steel, forestry trucks, buildings and such. We stopped for our picnic lunch in a small park by the ocean, it was not the prettiest park and the wind quite cold, so we did not stay long. We then drove out to Low Head Lighthouse, not overly pretty as it had been recently repainted in patches, with paint that was not the same colour. I mean it was a white lighthouse, why not paint it with white paint, not beige? It was a pretty little spot on the bluff overlooking the ocean. There were actually quite a few beacons along that part of the coast, some slightly inland and surrounded by houses. There were signs to be careful as there were little penguin nesting grounds along that stretch of the coast, but we never saw any.

Next stop was Beaconsfield, which is an old and new Gold Mining town. It was still in use up until the 2006 mine collapse. We visited the Historic Centre on the 12th anniversary of the collapse, I remember it all so well, it was surreal to see it all in real life and not on TV. You can distance yourself from a disaster when it’s on TV, it is much harder when you are faced with it in real life, albeit 12 years later. It was all very interesting and Moth enjoyed not only the relics but the old machinery as well. This centre focuses on the past history of the gold mine, as well as more recent events. It is also a social museum with bits and pieces from life way back when.

We ended up in Launceston that night, actually a night sooner than originally planned, I guess we had made slightly better time than we thought. Still, plenty to see and do.

~ Julz

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