Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 14

Two weeks into this trip we finally got to the main reason WHY we were here in the first place, the now yearly get together for my Awake Artistry group in Australia and New Zealand. We all met in a cafe in Launceston at 9am, for a coffee and a catch-up, with new and old friends alike. Some had planned a very long guided tour of Historic Launceston, one which I did not think I was capable of doing (turns out they did over 12kms of walking!). We opted out, as did another friend of mine, Helen, we decided to drive out to Liffey and see the Waterfall. Such beautiful countryside we drove through, Helen and I caught up and chatted all along the way. The waterfall was lovely, while not running full, was still pretty. Not as nice as Russell falls, bit still very pretty. Granted it was a bit of a walk, but not quite as bad as the others were doing.

On the way back, we spotted another forest full of red toadstools, after I had just been telling Hellen all about the ones we saw the other day. They were everywhere, not quite as plentiful as Mt Paris Dam Rd, but still very cool! We also saw lots of old barns and houses in Liffey and the surrounding area.

We drove back to Launceston and met up with everyone at the City Gardens, we wandered the grounds and stopped at the Macaque Monkey pavilion, they were a different variety from the ones we saw in Bali and had no tail! We all just sat or stood around and chatted.

We then went back to Athalie’s house (one of our hosts) for coffee and more chat, partners were never excluded and Moth was made to feel most welcome. They all continued onto the Casino for a buffet dinner and the pokies, neither of which interested us, so we grabbed some pizza and had an early night.

~ Julz

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