Share Your World – 23rd May 2018

Cee is back with another set of questions for this week

What household chore do you absolutely enjoy doing? (can be indoor or outdoor) Is this a trick question? I hate all household chores, it doesn’t matter if it’s cleaning, washing, vacuuming, gardening, I am not enthralled to do it at all – I mean I do it just not with joy! I don’t mind cooking, but prefer it if someone else could do it. I prefer to spend my time doing something I love, something I really enjoy. Actually, we had a cleaning bee on Saturday Morning, Moth and I got busy for a few hours and the house was sparkly clean (for a few hours anyway).

Create a sentence with the words “neon green” and train”. We have neon green trains (and trams) in Melbourne. I just cannot seem to find any pics of them. The new trams are brighter, but the old green trains are being replaced by Silver ones.

Other than your cell phone what can you always be found with? My camera, did you expect anything else? The only time I don’t have my SLR (like parties, shopping, family functions) I usually have my mobile phone, so I am all good. I am rarely found without either.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

After two years of work, blood, sweat and tears (usually from laughter) I have finally finished my Dapper Rabbit Series, yesterday was the set up for his Solo Exhibition.

I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment and pride, standing back and looking at what I have created. Talking to people about what I have done, I am no longer so self-conscientious about sharing the stories behind it.  People who came in while we are setting up were so intrigued and pointed out the dark, ambiguity of some of the pieces, one lady pointed to the Triptych and said “know how that goes” pointed to her Hubby and said, “see, this is what can happen if you mess up!” We all laughed, but people get it they really GET IT! Yes, he is a silly Victorian styled Rabbit, but the underlying tones of this exhibit are about real things, real drama and real consequences, but done in such a manner that they are almost non-sensical. If this was just done with normal people and not anonymous females and a giant rabbit, people would probably be horrified.

On Saturday is the opening, so this gallery hall will hopefully be full of people, so now what, you ask? Good question, I still have my Tarot series to work, it’s kind of been put on the back burner and a few other ideas. But for the moment I think I will take a bit of a break, finish off a few projects and shoots, and then get back into teaching I have two workshops already lined up and am looking forward to a few more.

I have rambled on enough for today’s post. I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo