Autumn Outings – Splash Workshop

One of my photography groups often runs creative workshops, where we get to hang out, play around and enjoy concepts we may not have tried before. Earlier in the year we did Balloon Bursting, and over the years we have done a lot, they are always fun and quite often messy, so it’s great I am not running them at my house!

So what is Splash! We had 3 tables set up with strobe (flash) lighting, each with a slightly different concept

Table 1

Was a clear plastic tub (like a Food Take Away container) on white perspex with liquid in it. Sometimes water other times a concoction of Xanthum Gum, water, milk or paint. Then using a syringe we dripped coloured food dye (again mixed with Xanthum gum) into the container and focusing up fairly close to catch the action.

Table 2

Again set up on white perspex and we dropped little plastic cubes into plastic wine glasses or into teacups or poured a liquid into them to make a splash, often Xanthum Gum mixture with milk or food dye. We often took turns Moth taking photos while I dropped stuff and then we’d switch over. During my attempt to drop stuff I smashed the pretty little teacup pictured, however, Moth managed to capture the action shot!

Table 3

Was a fish tank set up on black, filled with plain water and we dropped stuff into it, fruit, batteries (used ones), dead remotes, old mobile phones and plastic toys, and FULL Coke and Beer cans…this was such fun and messy. Silly me did not take any behind the scenes fun to show the setup, sorry. We were asked to bring along some items to drop so we hunted out the old mobile phones, the old remote and the toys, our Host had a bucket of dead batteries and fruit was supplied.

It was all a little hit and miss and often experimental. I took over 600 photos, instantly deleted half of them (too dark, nothing happening, no splash, hand in the way, blurry etc), and then out of the rest, these are my favourites. Sure there are more photos, but most are of the same thing.

So will I host a Splash event at my studio? Doubtful…the mess, it was a huge big mess and I felt bad leaving them to clean up afterwards, but it was getting late and I had to get home. Still, it was fun and I do have various items at home to try this ourselves, including an old fish tank. But I doubt I will run a full-on workshop, way too messy and possibly frustrating to teach. Dee and Bev did well, sorting out all the different cameras, lights, and such.

~ Julz, xo