Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 15

My Awake Artistry Group all met up again in town and settled everyone into this or that car before heading off to Lilydale, stopping first for coffee (and cake for some) and then morning tea at Lilydale Falls picnic area. We then made the hike up to the falls, I am either getting fitter or the hike wasn’t too bad. A pretty little spot, but so many photographers! Eventually, they all left for the upper falls and I stayed at the lower falls and had it all to myself for a few quiet reflective minutes – so nice.

We all met up again for what was a horrible lunch back in town, we chatted away the afternoon, until it was deemed late enough to head off toward the Tamar Valley Wetlands (read more info here), just 10 minutes out of Launceston, to watch the birds come home to roost and the sunset, which was quite lovely. I sat with another lady and got to know each other a little in a bird hide, while the others opted for the 3km trek out to the island in the distance. I preferred to sit and watch the wildlife and quietly talk to Philipa.

After sunset, we all made our separate ways for dinner. The AFL football was in town, a real treat for locals, a nightmare for us tourists πŸ™‚ we did, however, have a lovely meal at Wang’s Chinese restaurant. I must say it was refreshing to see a menu where almost every dish was Gluten-Free.

~ Julz

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