Weekly Photo Challenge – Just a Little twisted

In this week’s photo challenge, show us something twisted. You can be literal in your interpretation — show us the coils of your hair, a winding woodland path, or a gnarled tree trunk. Or, be more abstract, and show us something that represents life’s inherently twisty character. We’re looking forward to it!

Just a little twisted? The story of my life 🙂 but for once something a little less about my peculiar personality and artistic traits. On our recent trip to Tasmania, we came across a rather strange site, this beach is made up of millions and millions of shells, all washed up in this one spot and mostly intact. There may be sand under all those shells, or perhaps even crushed up shells, but the top layers are all there. What was also amazing is the different types of shells.

I have never seen so many shells, intact, in one place. The other option is midden heaps from Aboriginal inhabitants (which occur along the coast), but these seem to be too new and so vast, this area is quite large. I also adore the totally twisted shells…

JuliePowell_Kelvedon Beach-18
Kelvedon Beach

Don’t you just love the weird, whacky and wonderful things nature creates?

~ Julz