Monday Musings…

The weeks are passing so quickly, our Autumn has mostly vanished and we are seeing signs of Winter popping up everywhere, we have had little apart from grey skies, rain and winds of late, but the weekend offered a glimpse of sunshine and blue skies, possibly our last for awhile. Meanwhile, I had the opening for my exhibit on Saturday with gorgeous blue skies, I had lots of lovely friends stop by to say hello, wish me well and of course to see the artwork. I also spoke to lots of new people interested in the pieces and the stories behind them. Actually, a few people have said I should put a kind of Memoir together for each of the pics, each image has such a tale to tell in itself and people were so interested in hearing about how the image came about, where they were shot and the dramas and laughs we had creating them. It sure is an interesting idea, even if it is only for me.  Silly me only really took a few pics on the phone, the one of Moth and Suzanne (Groom and Bride) in front of their print. The gallery also had to put a sign on my door warning the unsuitability for children – love it!

My dear friend Suzanne Balding, took some photos at the opening for me, thanks Hun xo

Sunday was a chill out day, a little bit of retail therapy, Moth ordered a new lens, I’m still sitting on the fence about a new wide angle for the Sony, apparently, Sigma is bringing out a new range next month.  I also bought a new monitor, sounds lavish I know, but one thing I have learnt from this latest exhibit is the image quality on my monitor was quite a bit off. I have been wanting an Eizo for awhile, so I decided now was the time. Hopefully, I can make some sales to justify the cost!

We also bought a cool little ring light for macro, have not had a chance to play with that yet, but it certainly looks interesting. I have been so busy and I must admit a bit stressed out over the exhibit and I was making myself sick…not a good place to be, so I spent the rest of the weekend away from people (I know that sounds horrible doesn’t it?) and just chillin’. Watched Thor, Ragnarok movie, as well as saw Deadpool 2…loved DP2, so funny. Thor? not so much, I enjoyed it, but not as much as other Marvel movies.

This next weekend I am taking off, I am giving a talk on Friday morning and then Moth and I are going to grab our cameras and do a little exploring, possibly some toadstool hunting, there is still a bit of Autumn colour around. Maybe find somewhere for a long lunch and just enjoy a bit of bushwalking, well that is our hope, I feel like I have barely left the house since we got back from Tassie. We won’t be going far, I just feel the need to be outdoors.

I am however busy getting the next few months sorted out, I have shoots booked, workshops arranged, a weekend away thrown in there as well. I will hopefully have my beloved Sony back by then, did I tell you it died on me? Had to be sent in for repair, not even 6 months old 😦 at least I am lucky I still have the Nikon and then there is always Moth’s camera lol. I am still editing my last two shoots, super excited about my Skelton Man, which I have dubbed the Fourth Horseman, the Rider of Death…it just seemed to suit.

Well, I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo

P.S. I have the last week of our trip to Tassie scheduled for this week, again thank you, everyone, for your comments and feedback, it’s been so nice.