Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 16

It was early morning once we got a little away from Launceston, there was lots of mist and fog; eerie to say the least the world had disappeared. We met everyone (from my Artists Group) at historic Brickendon Estate Farm. This is a World Heritage Listed Colonial Farm Village and so much fun for the likes of us to explore. The fog was the perfect moody backdrop for this old farm, a sense of timeless mystery. We spent several hours exploring the farm, the buildings, animals and barns, there is even a little church. We then drove/walked over to the main house over the road to further explore the gardens.

The fog had lifted by the time we all met up at the barn for lunch – perfect blue skies, so off on another round of photos, this time with a different feel and mood.

After lunch, we drove back to Athalie’s house for an afternoon of ‘Show n Tell’ some of us giving a talk on what we do, how and why, some open discussion on travel, photography and art, we had pizza for dinner (I am so over pizza after this trip!) and chatted until it was quite late. Sorry, there are no photos for this, it was just lovely quiet time, with like-minded people, however, I am sure there are enough pics here of the one place to drive anyone crazy 🙂 I think I took more photos than just about any other days (with the exception of maybe the Dolphins at Wineglass Bay).

~ Julz

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