Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 17

We woke early and visited Cataract Gorge, just after sunrise (No real fabulous sunrise to shoot, too many clouds), we photographed the reflections in the lake, walked the tracks and wandered past cascades and the Suspension Bridge –  a little scary when someone jogged across and made it swing! Had me hanging on for dear life, she stopped and asked if I was OK, (of course not) I said No and she kindly offered to walk the rest of the way. Eventually, the cloud cleared a little and it was a pleasant morning.

We then swapped cameras for the Drone and took photos and video from the air. While we waited around for everyone else to arrive (from my Artists Group), we saw wallabies and peacocks and peahens in the gardens and had a yummy breakfast in the cafe. We then said our final goodbyes to the group, before leaving Launceston.

Our final destination for this trip was Devonport, but on the way back we stopped in at Carrick and visited a lovely copper & brass gallery (sorry no photos allowed) and many old interesting buildings, a few photo ops we could not pass up on.

We then drove out to Mole Creek Caves and did the one hour long guided tour of Marakoopa Cave, very tight in spots, but so worth it. We even saw Glow Worms at the end of the tour, so many more than we saw in the caves in NZ. We ended up having quite a late lunch back in Sheffield (yes take 2) and this time I think we finally saw most, if not all the murals. We also grabbed some yummy home-made fudge!

Finally, onto to Devonport and booked a Hotel, we headed out to Mersey Bluff Lighthouse for a truly magnificent sunset. The perfect end to our trip, sadly we had not seen many decent sunsets at all, but this one was superb. We met a really nice Dutch tourist, Ronald and we chatted about all the places we have been and things we had done, as the sun went down and the sky caught fire. Finally, when it was too dark to shoot anymore, we went off for dinner.

We had one final day in Tasmania, before boarding the ferry back home to Melbourne, tomorrow evening, we wanted to make the most of our last day here.

~ Julz

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