In the Studio – Beauty and The Beast Pt 1

Jess had bought herself a Belle dress and really wanted to do a Disney Princess inspired studio session. I, of course, wanted to put my own mark on it and it came off a little darker than I think Jess originally planned, but I did not want to get into a war over licensing, so even though it is inspired by Disney, it is our own version. Micaela joined us for the hair and make-up, so the team was back together again. I know it’s good to work outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes working in familiar territory is great! We did have a little trouble with our Beast, after a few failed attempts with male models, Moth got roped into it, oh poor Moth having to work with the beautiful Jess, tough life isn’t it? My biggest problem was the mask I had was awful…so I ended up having to rely on my Photoshop skills for the most part. But more on THAT in another post.

It was actually a fairly mild day, the sun was out, so we thought we might shoot up at the park as well in the studio. The park itself is not overly exciting, but it had grass and trees and looks much nicer in photos (with a little Photoshop magic) than it actually is. Jess also had some fun on the see-saw and swings.

Behind the scenes fun

I always try and make our sessions as fun and light as possible, grabbing these perfectly candid shots of Jess was such a lovely thing to do in the shoot, her smile says it all, Princesses can have fun too! Miraculously the wig stayed in place, even when Jess was upside down – all thanks to Micaela’s amazing skill.

I will post more images soon, I am still working on some more art…

~ Julz, xo